Top 6 Travel Technology Trends for 2020

In the travel industry, technology is a friend, an ally and a growing basis for all vital operations for travelers as well as the travel companies. Today social media platforms have become the most frequented platforms for any individual to look up at places to travel. On an average 85 million pictures shared on Instagram most of which relate to travel or show a sense of travel-related desires.

Technology has made its entrance in every field possible and travel technology is no different. From choosing hotels to taking up sustainability-focused packages, it is everywhere. One top travel technology trend is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology – an instrumental to replace paper, plastic by use of QR codes and bar codes. Also, Internet of Things (IOT) cannot be forgotten while talking about technology. IOT is everywhere now, from hotel lightings, controlling of temperature, playing music and even checking-in and checking-out.

Travel technology companies are changing their age-old itineraries and holiday packages to become more activity-centric and more customizable on-the-go to cater to the evolving demands of the current and future generations. Even marketing is no longer a mass medium but has become dependent on algorithms and machine learning to a large extent. Technology is fast becoming the breeding ground for differentiation in services among travel companies offering similar products. While large travel companies are becoming larger, smaller travel companies are turning towards niche regions or travel themes to cater to specific needs and demands of travelers in 2020. With travelers being spoilt for choice and a new travel company mushrooming every day, it is imperative for travel companies to know their target customers and how to woo them. This is where technology becomes the key. However, the live interaction of clients with companies should not be neglected and will still remain considerable, as travel is a high involvement activity.

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