Nagaland during festivals: best time to visit northeast India

The best time to visit Northeast India is throughout the year but there are certain times in the year that will add wonderful experience in your trip to this region. The best time to visit any of these 8 states of Northeast India is mostly during winter and spring-summer season. However, if you want to visit Nagaland in Northeast India, the best time to visit Nagaland is during winter from November-March as you would also be able to enjoy numerous festivals during this time.

Nagaland is a diverse state with many tribal communities and during these months they showcase their ethnic tribal diversity. One of the most popular festivals in Nagaland is the Hornbill festival which takes place from the 1st to 10th of December every year. It is one of the biggest festivals that take place in Kisama village near Kohima with music concerts now being held in Dimapur. This festival showcases the Naga culture, foods, handicrafts and more. Another tribal festival in Nagaland is the Kuki festival known as Mimkut which is celebrated in the second week of January. This religious festival is celebrated to honor and please the demon ‘Thilha’. If you visit Nagaland during this time, you will also be able to witness their amazing way of celebrating festivals. To attend this festival, the best time to visit is in January. Another popular festival of Nagaland is the Tokhu Emong – the harvest festival that is celebrated during the first week of November. The Lotha community celebrates this festival with singing, dancing, drinking, and feasting and generally has a glorious time among them. The significance of the festival is to celebrate ‘rest day’ since their harvest is over and they are ready for the winter.

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