Best time to visit Sikkim

Sikkim is a state in northeast India with a very strategic location bordering Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and West Bengal. Today Sikkim has become a popular tourist destination. It is also the first organic state of India and has strong commitment to protect ecology. The uses of plastics in Sikkim are totally banned and smoking in public areas is strictly prohibited.   

You can visit Sikkim any time of the year and the state will always have something to offer. The summer in Sikkim ranges from April-June and the temperature normally vary from 100 C–280 C. Summer is the best time to visit Sikkim if you want to see beautiful orchids, rhododendrons in full bloom and if you are seeking for some adventures. During summer there is no snowfall in Sikkim and if cannot cope with extremely cold weather, summer is the best time to visit Sikkim for you. The winter starts from October and lasts up to March. The temperature in winter in Sikkim vary from  -10 C- 70 C. Winter is the best time to visit Sikkim if you want to enjoy some snowfall and feel the chills of the hills. Snowfall does not occur in all the places of Sikkim but in the north, parts of East and West. Even if you are visiting Sikkim in summer do not forget to carry a pair of warm clothes. Sometimes it may get chilly even in the summers. The monsoon starts in July and ends around August to the start of September and the temperature ranges from 40 C to 150 C. Some people do visit Sikkim during monsoon but if you don’t like getting wet or want to avoid any unpredictable weather it is advised not to visit Sikkim in monsoon. The best time to visit Sikkim is subject to change with respect to the nature of traveler that you are.

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