Diversity of North East: Take a north east India tour

Taking a tour of northeast India is like going on a trip which is an emotionally turbulent yet worthwhile. Home to more than 220 ethnic communities with more than 25% of land covered with forest with a wide variation of altitude,  northeast India comprises of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura Meghalaya and Sikkim. 

The northeast India tour for any travel enthusiast should be a must have place on their travel wish list. These regions are extremely diverse in many fields. People living in these states may have similar facial features but the languages they speak are totally different. Northeast India is equally varied as far as festivals are concerned, with so many tribes and each having their own festivals almost every second day there is some festival. Planning northeast India tour around these festivals is a good option. They also have wide variety of food and each place has something to offer. Usually the foods in these regions are not as spicy as rest of the country; they are generally less spicy, boiled or steamed. Though they do not use many spices but hot chili, ‘king chilies’ or ‘cherry peppers’ are really popular here and are found in most of the dishes. Northeast India is also culturally diverse and different ethnic groups have different customs and traditions. The culture resides in the hearts of the people and they see it with utmost respect.

 Northeast India does not just have tribal people and jungles but has it fare share of modern cities which are at par with any modern city of India. Its vast cultural diversity topped with abundance of natural areas, wildlife, makes it an ideal place for holiday.

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