Try these 10 authentic food dishes in Bhutan

Bhutan is not just an amazing travel destination but also known for its unique cuisine. Authentic Bhutanese food dishes are tightly related with the culture, tradition, and nature of Bhutan. The food are interesting and unique however some dishes are influenced by Indian and western culture.

Here are 10 authentic foods to try in Bhutan.

Ema Datshi is one of the most popular foods of Bhutan. A curry prepared with chilies and Bhutanese cheese with common seasonings like salt, oil, makes Ema-datshi delicious, hot and spicy.

Khur-le is a delicious Bhutanese pancake dish made using wheat or buckwheat flour. Commonly, bitter buckwheat is preferred in making this dish and this food is believed to be as old as the history of Bhutan.

Hoentays are similar to momos where buckwheat dough is used for wrapping. Known to have originated in Haa Valley in Bhutan hoentays are rich-textured and filled with combination of turnip leaves and cheese either fried or steamed.

Puta is yet another buckwheat-based delicacy, handmade noodles popular in central district of Bhutan. It is prepared boiled and sometimes fried with butter or oil with salt and black pepper. It is often served as breakfast in Bhutan.

Sikam paa is one of the favorite non-vegetarian dishes of Bhutan served during special occasions like Losar, important public gatherings etc. Available in almost every local restaurant, it is prepared using dried pork, often fried with red chilies.

Yaksha Shakam is a yak’s meat dish, a delicacy in Bhutan. Yaks are reared as important cattle by nomads in higher altitudes. However it is hard to find yak’s meat the meats sold are of yaks that die in accidents in difficult geographic terrain in the mountains.

Hogay is a Bhutanese salad made in variety of ways; a popular version is made with cucumber. Cucumber is sliced into small pieces and mixed with chili, onions and tomatoes, cheese, and salt.

Ezay is a chili paste served with foods like rice and dumplings. Any food without ezay is incomplete in Bhutan.

Lom is a dish prepared using dried turnip leaves that provide an alternative to green vegetables in winters. Lom is prepared with dry beef and pork.

Suja is a salted buttery milk tea loved by all in Bhutan. A trip to Bhutan is incomplete without trying suja.

Bhutan has its own unique food culture and if you travel to Bhutan, do not forget to experience the authentic delicious food in Bhutan.

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