All that glitters is snow: snowfall in Sikkim

Sikkim is famous for so many things but most importantly it is famous for its natural beauty. The state has enraptured so many tourists and people from around the world since a long time ago. The sweeping excellence of the white snow covered Himalayas make Sikkim in winter a wonderland. The picturesque postcards of winter, the white snow covered land, the snowfall that we admire; they all come to life in Sikkim.

The winter here is very cold and snowfall is common turning the landscapes white with the unspoiled cover of snow. The mountains peaks look wonderful, frozen lakes, acres of forests and a chance to drench in pretty snowflakes descending from heaven are always tempting everyone for a vacation here. Sikkim is one of the coldest places in the country, home to Mountain Khangchendzonga where the temperature falls as low as -32° C leading to the occurrence of snowfall. During winter the average temperature in high altitudes of Sikkim is between -7°C to 5°C. And the average temperature in general in winter ranges from 100 Celsius to 40 Celsius, sometimes even dropping as low as 00. In Sikkim, the cold season arrives by November and continues till March. The high-altitude areas of this northeast mountainous state are then draped in snow.

The snowfall does not occur in the whole of Sikkim but it is very chilly everywhere throughout the winter. There are places in the East and the North where the landscapes are blanketed with the white fuzzy snow in the winter and people enjoying the snowfall at this time of the year can be seen a lot.

If you wish to witness snowfall you must visit Gurudongmar Lake. It is recommended to visit this lake in winter even when it is bone shivering cold since no matter how low the temperatures fall, a part of the water never freezes completely. The lake is a vision in winter that no can afford to miss! Similarly Changu Lake is one of the famous high altitude lakes in India and is breathtaking in winter. During winter the lake freezes completely and even in its frozen glory, the inside of the lake can be seen easily it is beauty to behold. Some other famous tourist destinations in Sikkim and perfect to visit in winters are Zero point, Yumthang valley, Zuluk, Nathula pass and Nathang valley.

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