Bhutan best time to visit

Known as the land of the Thunder Dragon, the tiny Himalayan kingdom called Bhutan is shrouded with mystery and mysticism for the outside world. Bhutan is a paradise for tourists, landscape coupled with monasteries, temples, and other Buddhist places, exude solace and tranquility. The past few years has seen an unprecedented number of tourists visit Bhutan especially from India.

The Bhutan’s landscape ranges from lush plains and captivating valleys to high passes and rugged snow-capped Himalayan Mountains. This country has a total of 71% forest cover. For the tourist seeking to enjoy the beauty of Bhutan, the country offers a number of trekking routes, hiking trails, cycling paths, picnic spots, and rejuvenating hot springs. Spring (early March-mid-June) is the best time to visit Bhutan, when the valleys are filled with flowers. For those seeking adventure, Bhutan has some thrilling activities such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, and more. 

 The best time to visit Bhutan for cultural experiences is during festivals. Some interesting festivals to attend in Bhutan are the Matsutake Festival, Haa Summer Festival and Sakteng Festival. Held in the beautiful Ura Valley, Matsutake is a festival for foodies, more specifically for those who love mushrooms. This festival is aimed at spreading awareness about the sustainable harvesting of local mushrooms and promoting the organic harvesting. A highlight of this festival is a mushroom picking excursion. This festival is held in August in Bhutan. The colorful Haa Summer festival of Bhutan is a cultural treat for those visiting Bhutan to gain insight into traditional Bhutanese culture. The festival celebrations cover dances, songs, sports, and local cuisine and takes place in July in Bhutan. Sakteng festival is celebrated by the Brokpas, a semi-nomadic settlement. Visitors can look forward to enjoying local folk music, dance, and free-flowing ar a (local wine). A highlight is the performance of the popular yak dance and Ache Lhamo dance. This festival takes place in the month of June in Bhutan.

If you’re planning a trip to Bhutan best time to visit is between March-May and November-mid February. Visit this beautiful country for a unique cultural experience.  

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