Food in Assam: A beginner’s guide

Food and gastronomy is the quickest and tastiest way to get to know a place or a culture. Assam is no different. Home to different tribes and indo-mangol- burmese mix of immigrants, it boasts of a varied feast for the tongue. Here are some of the popular culinary delights of Assam that you should definitely try:

Khar is one such food that may sound bizarre when you hear the ingredients; raw papaya, pulses, cassava, and meat? Well it is an interesting combination that works so well you won’t be complaining. It is one of the must have dishes of Assam. Another unique dish to try in Assam is the Bangajor Lagot Kukura made with chicken on the bone and cooked in lentils. A delicacy that has an acquired flavor imparted by the pungent bamboo shoots. If you are a fish lover, you must try the delicious Masor Tenga stew. Prepared with sweet river fish simmered in a refreshing sauce base of tomatoes and made tangy by the addition of lime, it is a feast in the mouth. Game birds like duck and pigeon are commonly eaten in Assam and if you have bold appetite, Paro Manxho is the dish for you. It is sort of comfort food of winters prepared with pigeon or quail meat and cooked with banana flowers.

The staple food of Assam is rice and all these lovely dishes are eaten with rice. One of the popular rice dishes is the Poitabhat; the fermented cooked rice spiced and served with side dishes. While ordering traditional thali style food in restaurants, it is common that you might be served Xaak Aru Bhaji, a side dish made with seasonal leaves. Ou Khatta is traditional Assamese chutney of sour fruit called Ou that goes well with sweet curd and papads. From the unique to the bizarre, Polu or silkworm larvae is a tribal delicacy and available only in certain parts of Assam.

 Assam has a huge array of sweets to choose from and pithas are one of them. Even if you are not meat eater, you will still find a lot of choices to choose from to feast in Assam. Try the mouth watering food of Assam and find yourself craving for more.

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