Itinerary software for Travel Agents

For any travel business, great itinerary software for travel agents is a necessity. In a travel business, the experience of going to a new place is sold to the customers and it becomes extremely important that it is done in the right and proper way. Customers are totally dependent on the travel agency for their perfect holiday itinerary, and therefore the agents must be prepared well.

Usually, the travel agents spend quite a lot of time in the preparation of an itinerary as they want to give the maximum amount of information about the place and services offered without making it too long and uninteresting. One of the great ways to make the package interesting and welcoming is to include pictures of the places to be visited and put them in such a format that it please the eyes of the customer.

However, as the days become more advanced and with the increase of travelers, today a travel agent has to deal with a large number of enquires with customization. And it becomes really hectic for the agents to plan, explain, and provide the right itineraries to the customers. Sometimes due to the large volume of enquires, travel agents tend to skip some potential enquires that could have converted into business. All these problem statements from the travel agents have given reason for the need for an itinerary generating software.

So it is said that basic itinerary software would ease out some of the major issues for any travel agent in terms of time to generate an itinerary, thereby reducing time. Itinerary generation software will also provide features for editing the existing itinerary; thereby, the customization is just an edit of the original itinerary.

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How to start a Travel Agency?

Have you been thinking of starting your own Travel Company but are wondering how to start a travel agency? Well there are certain things you can start with. Here are some of the steps that may help you and give you a kick start in starting your travel agency.

The first step is to ‘Prepare a plan for the travel agency’. Planning is an essential and crucial step for any huge and small projects. Plan about how you want to start your company, and think about registration, licensing process. Start targeting market, search for office location, bank loan, and learn about marketing techniques and more. The next thing to do is to ‘Brand your Travel Agency Business’. Check how to name the company, create online presence and start the process of opening Bank account for the agency. ’Start managing your funding strategy’ by managing investment plans, start advertising and checking how to invest, plan for employees and about their salaries.

Now, ‘Pick a great location and hire employees’. Location is really important so decide and choose a good location for your company and consider the level of competition in the market. Pick such a location that suits your space demands and matches your desired travel brand reputation. You would also need good software to manage your cash flow and contacts. Travel Management System helps a great deal in that.  ‘Market and start your travel agency business’. Your business needs to have a personality. It requires standing out and demands to scream security in, and commitment to your picked niche. In reality, you necessitate establishing a brand. 

You need to understand the market, update the company as demanded, create suitable itineraries and keep in contact with the customers.

If you follow through with the above points, you’re on your way to creating a successful travel agency. Just keep in mind the competition, market behavior, online presence, traveler’s needs, destination knowledge, travel software, and study legal nodes from start to end.

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What is customer relationship management- All you need to know

Many do not know what customer relationship management is but actually practice it without even knowing. It is a strategy for managing potential and current customer relationships through collection and analysis of data. And if you are in travel business, it is even more crucial for you to understand what customer relationship management really means.

Customer Relationship Management is how you go about managing customer relationships, knowing that, not all customers are created equal. This means the way you handle your relationship with X is not the same as you would do to handle your relationship with Y.

The few principles of what constitution of relationship management is for customers are very straightforward. Always put the customers first and look through their eyes. It takes a good while to nurture and build a relationship with them but it takes just one wrong step for all of it to come crashing down. Make use of CRM in proper way and know what your customers want through their preferences, behavior and offer what is relevant. Without a centralized platform for customer interactions, communications slip through the flood of information – this in turn leads to less than ideal responses to your customer. So focus more on administration rather than sells.

Customer loyalty programs are increasingly adapted by companies to build lasting relationships with their customers. They give new customers reasons to choose you and existing customers a reason to come back to you. Also, cloud-based CRM systems, such as TourGenie, make every operation easy and reliable. Your sales force out on the road can check data, update it instantly after a meeting or work from anywhere.

Customer relationship management is not a single sprint — it is a marathon that takes time to develop and nurture lasting customer relationships and this requires sharp focus on improvement of the overall customer experience.

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Tour Operator Woes: Why use a Software

Any tour operation generally runs on three main phases, Planning, Communicating and Delivering. Delivering is easy to understand but tour operators often have to struggle with planning and communicating. If you are into travel business and you do not use software for tour operator perhaps you are the only one who does that among your direct competitors!

Using software for tour operators really helps the business to run properly and efficiently without much manual work and keeps record of everything. Planning involves product, placement and presentation, here in travel business this translates into itinerary and travel themes. A good itinerary when presented the right way makes a good first impression and travel management software helps to create professional looking itineraries that work like breeze, creates itineraries from scratch and customize. It saves time and frees you up to plan more. As soon as someone enquires the timer for communication begins and every customer would want to get fast replies, they would want to be updated about the status of travel, 24/7 service and more. Travel management software helps to reach out to customers and follow-up with clients on time. The ultimate ease in a touroperator’s daily work is to be able to connect, communicate and deliver their services from anywhere and at anytime.

The CRM software developed by TourGenie is easy to use, helps you track all your query related customer information from one place and also helps creating and sharing professional looking itineraries with travelers on the go from anywhere and at anytime. You can know more about the plans for this SAAS (software as a service) by clicking here. Say hello to faster and more professional itineraries, systematic organization of data to help conduct smooth operations and deliver service that is making customers happy for all our client tour operators. Read full article at:

Accounting for travel agents

Accounting is recognized as a technical information system which is designed to communicate the right fiscal information to the internal as well as external users. Any professionally operated business house in travel business accounting is one of the key departments since it not only gives the indications as profitability but will also provide data for making right decisions. Today accounting for travel agents is a must as it records, and summarizes the incomes and payments plus gives the correct picture of Travel agents financial well being.

It is essential for travel agents for making strategic planning for future growth and expansion. Accounting basically is keeping records of every little to large operations, transactions, customer statistics etc it is the insights of the business. A travel agent has to maintain accounting for its income from sales proceeds, be it inbounds travel or out bound travel and will also have to maintain its payments to various service providers, for accommodation, transport, guiding services etc. A travel house can achieve efficient accounting process by either manual book keeping or use of technology and use accounting software.

In the manual book keeping system of accounting a travel agency have to maintain at least a sale book, cash and bank book, debtor’s ledger and creditor’s ledger. There are number of accounting software available in the market for travel agency accounting. Most of this software is travel ticketing software, central reservation systems, inventory control systems or CRM. Mostly travel agencies pick up CRM systems with built in basic accounting features which in most of the cases do not suffice. Some of travel B2B houses have come up with their systems brings together the travel agents and other travel service providers, but have nothing to do with accounting. Hence, a travel agent has to choose wisely to see the accounting features and the check out the CRM side of the software.

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Are you wondering about how to start a travel agency?

If you are someone who loves to pack your bags and wander around places, someone who loves to travel and make meticulous planning then you must definitely love to plan for others as well. Maybe you are considering of starting your own travel agency and become a travel agent. There are ways to become a fairly inexpensive travel agent with limited staff and little upfront cost but the question is how to start a travel agency?

If you are seriously considering becoming a travel agent and starting a successful travel agency, then you must know about some of the easy and effective ways and tips to start your business. There is no doubt that the market is fiercely competitive hence your success will largely depend on finding the right niche for your agency. But how to find the right niche you ask? The first step you can take is to start putting your effort in focusing into the market research. You need to set up your mind and be decisive, research on many successful travel agencies and understand the back story. You also need to put your effort in focusing on the branding and marketing.

Some of the important steps to consider before starting your agency are analyzing and planning, market research and finding your niche, developing a brand, deal with legal side, determine funding strategy, market and launch. When you are starting a travel business, you have to take care of many things and there are some simple but really necessary things you should not keep your eyes away from. Like building good relationships with customers, promoting your agency, asking for feedbacks, regularly putting up your travel agency on social media, making effective business plans, getting partners, practicing goals, optimizing online business, sales opportunities etc.

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Travel Agency going online to sustain in competition

With drastic increase of travel companies in the market, the competition has become intense at local, national and international levels. Due to which developing smart campaigns and building up customer loyalty is a tedious task to accomplish. For a travel agency, identifying and extracting manual activities are challenging because of the nature of well integrated processes at the back end. However this can be taken care of by using certain travel management software and going online.

Travel management software provides integrated applications that work for front office as well as back office business processes and makes work easy plus enhances response time to customers giving better online competition to others. Travel agents need to understand how travel management can be simplified through automation of back end office by replacing manual work activities with software applications that bring down the frequency of committing manual mistakes. Investment on online automation software or dedicated ERPs for travel agents is a onetime investment that can resolve manpower issues and management issues of the travel agents.

More customers are now inclined to use a good travel agency. But that is not enough. From being a good travel agent to being among the best, you have to understand your customers thoroughly and offer them more than what they ask for. You have to engage them with an exclusive search experience as well as exciting travel content. Online travel agencies need to remember that the work does not end after traffic acquisition and also needs conversion which eventually earns revenue. Some helpful tips to attract and retain customers are to optimize the website with user-friendly interface, embrace the best marketing tool, customer personalization and segmentation, integrity pays, target high web traffic sites, customize packages and offer integrated loyalty program. A good value proposition is and will always be the only way to retain customers in the tourism industry and investing in good online travel agency software can do wonders for a travel business.  

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What really is an online travel agency?

The main function of any travel agency is to provide comfortable and wonderful travel experiences to its clients. These works can include selling tickets, reservations, travel products, arranging tours etc. But what is an Online Travel Agency? In simple words an online travel agency is nothing but a travel website that specializes in the sale of their travel products to clients and customers.

These online travel agencies sell variety of products that include various modes of transportations like flights, trains, buses, hotels, cruises, car rentals, different activities and packages. However it is not obvious that all online travel agencies sell these kinds of products. When a sale is made by a travel agency, the customer is issued some kind of voucher or a ticket that must be provided to the tour provider he has registered with through the travel agency to redeem the service. An online travel agency plays a vital role in making the process and experience for their clients extremely easy.

Due to the advent of online travel services any last minute segments and bookings have become easy. The frequent usage of smart phones has also made these travel services really popular. The customers are on-the-go with online travel services, one thing that has become extremely uncomplicated is that no one has to go door to door finding hotels and stays during their trip to certain places or stand beside a road to stop a random taxi. Once you book with an online travel agency all you have to do is make payment and start preparing for your travels. All will be taken care by the agency and also they provide customer services where you will be able to directly contact people working for the agency. These services can also be customized according to your desire. Whether you are traveling with a group of people or solo, the travel agency will take care of everything. An online travel agency is basically online company that allows customers to book various services related to travel through internet.

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