What is customer relationship management all about?

The phrase Customer Relationship Management evokes, what is to be said, a very sales heavy emotion in the mind of any reader. Imagine a person on the phone with a customer, friendly, polite and then trying to up-sell something. Also imagine a relationship manager at a bank who becomes un-cooperative when something goes wrong and tries to convince the customer that the fault lies with him/her and not the management of the company. What is your relationship with the brands you interact with? The ugly truth is that this has unfortunately become a given when it comes to Customer Relationship management.

Most of the major brands have now discovered this fallacy and are moving rapidly towards well designed customer relationship management programs. This gave birth to what is known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. There is no industry that is not dependent on management of customer relations, and the Travel and Tourism industry is no stranger to it anymore.

Today over 70% of the industries are using some form of technology to give a better customer experience. It is important to understand the choices and preferences of the customers. Also it is important for the company to not let the information of the customer and from the customer get scattered everywhere. This must be a system to keep and manage it all.

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